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Biebel King of Hollywood Biebel’s angel Dan Brisse Wolf Ethnic Legacy Gina Buldorini Kevin Romar Funkasaur Romar Swanski Biebel's Garden Biebel's Robot Christy Prior Kingfoam orthotics for snowboard boots Dan Brisse Falcon Kevin Romar Dragon Kevin Romar Illuminist Orange Camo Skeleton Black
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  • 5mm thick; fits in most shoes
  • Recommended for low to mid arch
  • Absorbs 91% of impact energy in lab testing compared to 53% in other “performance” insoles (ASTM F 1614 -1999)
  • Custom forms to the unique arch shape and provides prevention of overpronation related injury
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  • Reacts and adapts to each step
  • Stable support at the moment of impact
  • Feels like a cloud under your feet
  • Adapts to your unique arch shape
For shoes with 4mm or thicker stock insoles. For thinner try our low profile kingfoam orthotics. For constantly firm custom arch support, try Gamechangers.
Trimming: You can trim the toe to fit up to a half size below. If using narrow shoes you can trim the side of the insole opposite the arch.

Not sure which insole is right for you? Visit the buying guide at Fpinsoles

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in
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M10/10.5 | W 12/12.5, M11/11.5 | W13/13.5, M12/12.5 | W 14/14.5, M13/13.5 | W 15/15.5, M4/4.5 | W 6/6.5, M5/5.5 W 7/7.5, M6/6.5 | W 8/8.5, M7/7.5 | W9/9.5, M8/8.5 | W10/10.5, M9/9.5 | W11/11.5

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Biebel King of Hollywood, Biebel’s angel, Dan Brisse Wolf, Ethnic Legacy, Gina Buldorini, guangzhou, Kevin Romar Funkasaur, Romar Swanski, Biebel's Garden, Biebel's Robot, Cali Girls 2 Kingfoam Orthotics- Gina Buldorini, Christy Prior Kingfoam orthotics for snowboard boots, Dan Brisse Falcon, Daniel Espinoza, Grizzly, Hero, Kelvin Hoefler, Kelvin Hoefler Robot, Kevin Romar Dragon, Kevin Romar Illuminist, Orange Camo, Shmatty, Skeleton Black, SMOKE

39 reviews for Kingfoam Orthotics

  1. Billy Gardiner

    This is my second pair of kingfoam gold orthotics. These are seriously the best performance insoles on the market! Since I have worn these I no longer experience ankle, knee or back pain, heel bruises no longer effect me and landing primo doesn’t hurt. Best product out there, take my money!

  2. Cole Lambert

    I got these a year ago when I was have constant struggles with painful toes/arches/ankles/heels. I was just looking for something with great cushion, and these really fit the bill! Since I started wearing these I haven’t really had any pain I can think of, which is amazing. After 4 leg surgeries and constant struggles with that, I really believe these are helping out. For $30, that’s a steal… They have great board-feel, and at the same time they really do make a difference in cushioning your landings. I can skate more often, and I can skate longer when I wear these vs. when I don’t. One thing I noticed was that they don’t really wear down either. Other insoles will lose their cushion after a month or so…after a year, these were still going pretty strong.

  3. Chris

    These were my second pair of the kingfoam orthotics,I must say that they are extremely comfortable, and this is coming from someone with a very flat arch. Normally, gaps are my worst enemy, but after I broke the insoles in I jumped down a 7 stair and felt no pain whatsoever with no heelbruise or arch pain! Best of all i could still feel my board, even with cupsoles on. So far the insoles have lasted through 2 pairs of shoes and are still going strong. In all I would definitely be getting another pair of these in the future and would also recommend them for the price. Best insoles ever.

  4. Chan Saephan

    Kingfoam Insoles work like a charm, landing primo or on your heel will never hurt, like for example when I had my first pair and my friend had told me when he was watching me skate for a second and seen me land primo pretty bad and just get up like nothing happened and had him just in shock like wtf if that was me I would’ve been in pain!and he would never believe me that they really work until I got him a pair and he’s been pretty hyped on it ever since. I honestly recommend everyone to get a pair if you want your feet protected!One of the best things I ever discovered and I’ll buy fp insoles to the day i die!next few checks I’m gettin gamechangers for my regular shoes, work shoes, and skate shoes!!!

  5. Maikel

    When I first heard about these insoles I had my doubts and I waited a bit longer before ordering to try them out. The first week skating with these insoles felt weird, but after that it felt great! I used to have pain in my ankles all the time due to numerous tweaks and hits in the past years. That belongs to the past now. One might think they are expensive, but how much is skateboarding without pain worth to you?

  6. Christian

    I love my insoles and have had them for a solid year and half of almost nonstop wear. They have barely worn out but I’m still about to scoop up the Kitty Babes. No joke though, these are what my flat feet needed to take that awful pain away.

  7. gary holmgren

    fp insoles are truly on of the most amazing things ever created for skateboarders, i had sprained my right knee about abut 9 months ago and for the first week i could not walk at all on it, i struggling with it for about a month after that and ever since its been hurting and when i would try to stand on just my right knee and bend down and up it was nearly impossible without excruciating pain, it was also super swollen and impossible to bend my knee all the way especially after a long day of skating. as of 2 weeks ago i was fed up with the bs so i looked into these fp insoles and heard the stories about how people injured their knees and started to use the insoles and were able to normally skate again. so i ordered some insoles and other stuff from them it took about 2 weeks to ship them here and i got them 1 day ago, i skated in them for that day and miraculously my knee had no pain whatsoever, today i skated all day too, no pain at all, i didn’t even think about my knee, and plus the swelling is completely gone both knees look the exact same the way they are supposed to be. I highly extremely recommend these insoles to every skater out their they will protect your body and allow you to skate longer and harder than ever, they are truly amazing im so thankful for them.

  8. joshua

    i have both the insoles and the orthotics. both are GREAT products. i use the orthotics for skate shoes and in my dress leather shoes for work. my feet feel great all day. if your shoes already have good arch support save a few bucks and get the insoles. you cant go wrong with footprint.

  9. Tim Marler

    I have had these for about 5 months, I never had a heel bruise or turf toe in these insoles, i had turf toe before i had these insoles and they went away when i used them for the first 2 weeks!!! You can jump down anything, it wont hurt i swear. perfect arch thank you Footprint 🙂

  10. Andrew

    Love these. Great Quality. Highly suggest an orthodic insole. Wonderful for everyday use walking, hiking, or skating. Excellent product.

  11. Johnathan Henriquez

    These insoles are amazing! They mold to your foot you can jump off anything without feelimg a thing. They take like a day or 2 to get used to it. But after that it will feel PERFECT. get these insoles.

  12. sergio chavarin

    these are just plain 5! every insole i have had cannot compete with these footprint ones,Fp has saved my feet from heel bruising and and other foot brusing you can get!

  13. Duggan

    Amazing. Comfy, perfect arch support, well constructed. Great price for something that lasts so long. I recommend to anyone who wants to avoid arthritis.

  14. robert

    so far ive had these for almost a week and they have not failed to satisfy and the biggest difference from the old yellow foam that they did guarantee on is no flattening out with gold foam, my old yellow foam orthotics flattened out but these stay fresh and firm for days! feel amazing, so much support, ive been buying since the beginning and these are the best so far! get some! that pic of them not staying flattened even a day under a car is true, these do NOT flatten out which is the BEST!!

  15. Mike

    Pretty good insoles! I like them forsure. The only thing is fitting them inside certain shoes could be a challenge! I don’t like trimming them, because I feel like they will break faster since you have to cut close to the stitching.

  16. Will

    They inspire fearlessness as far as foot injury is concerned. The arch support is too much for me. Should have gotten Gamechangers.

  17. Butterytoast808

    WOWWWW!!! these are great they have some pretty great arch support. Once i slipped them in i could feel instant comfort. So sick!!! I also did the egg test and my brain exploded. Crazy good insoles. GET THEM!!!

  18. Jared Collins

    I purchesed a pair of the orthotic insoles to try and get some support in my life. I have flat feet and I’m on my feet over six hours a day. And when I get home my knees would have pain and my back would always give me problems as well. I thought maybe it’s my bed so I pitched a new bed and my sleeping improved but still had discomfort. Well when I found fp insoles I wear them almost everyday and pain and discomfort has decreased emencly. And when I don’t use them I definetly feel that the support isn’t there. Thank you

  19. Trey

    These things are seriously next level. I skate Janoskis, which don’t have the best impact resistance, which made me kind of want to switch shoes until I found these FPs. I’ve been skating with them in for the past two weeks and have no pain or soreness after a full day of skating. The best thing is that once they’re broken in, you don’t sacrifice board can still skate minimalistic shoes but get that impact resistance as well. Definitely staying on these.

  20. Andy

    I had a major knee surgery not long ago and I had heard of these footprint insoles. I finally tried them out and continue playing sports… I don’t know if it is mental but, my knees feel great. Best Insoles in the world…especially for flat feet.

  21. Dillon

    I have recently bruised my heel. Spent countless hours trying shitty insoles that you buy in the store. None worked. Went online to see if they made any for skateboarding and I was graced by the good lord to find Footprint. These insoles have completely blown my mind. The level of comfort and support that they provide is incredible. Skating is finally less painful. Thanks Footprint! PS shipping was super fast

  22. Connor Allen

    I’ve never used insoles of any kind before and I’m stoked that I finally tried these. they absorb all the impact and make shoes 100 times more comfortable to wear. I use them for not only skating but for every day use. 10/10

  23. Shane Smith

    Thanks for making thses. Big fan of Kelvin and the insoles are lit.

  24. Christian

    I have skated on these at least 4 times a month, on top of using them in my work shoes. I work as a package handler. I definitely feel as if my knees and feet should be wrecked by now. Whatever shoe I used can be made 1000% more comfortable by just moving the insoles over =P. 14 months of wear and they’re just now showing signs of deterioration.

  25. Amani Hrabowy

    These are really great insoles for anything. The first day i got them, i molded them to fit my feet, stuck them in my shoes and jumped off my garage roof. I didn’t feel a thing. I will definitely be getting another pair.

  26. Jimmy

    Everything I hoped for and more. Need more for all my shoes now. Put them in Emerica Reynolds, thought about trimming the insoles but kept them raw and its a perfect fit. Thanks for your help on instagram, really made ordering these a no brainer.

  27. esbo

    These things work. I was worried that these were going to feel like mattress pads under my feet, but they’re super slim in the heel compared to the Vans’ new “ultracush” insole. After trying these, I wouldn’t even bother with the “lo-profile” because these are so damn good and give you just a bit of arch support, but nothing crazy that’s going to mess up your mojo. Do not hesitate to buy these. Get them now.

  28. Matt

    Only took me about an hour to get used to these insoles and I am hooked. Super comfortable and crazy as it sounds they actually seem to be helping my back pain. I swap these out between my work shoes and my skating shoes but will definitely be picking up another set.

  29. Nick Morales

    Yeah i got myself a pair and i could tell you that I’ve landed primo countless times and their was no pain on my heels. Its to good to be true

  30. Flash

    these insoles are the f*cking sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use them for snowboarding, and they blow stock insoles out of the water. I will never ever go back to anything else. i do alot of jumps, and i literally feel NO impact on my knees at the end of the day. I feel like I am walking on clouds. I am super impressed with these and will not bother getting custom made insoles. What a bargain at this price.

  31. Derek

    These insoles are the best not joke, I suffered a knee injury last year, which caused bone bruising on both ends of the bones (femur and tibia) and I’ve had chronic pain ever since. I started to used these insoles and the pain disappeared in two days, now my knee only hurts when I use flip-flops, but it goes away when I start using the shoes with the insoles again. (A plus is that you get the heel pads, which you can use like I did, inside your shoe at the toe area so if you skate and your board hits you there it takes the impact, no more toe jamming with your board).

  32. Brad burden

    I’ve seriously been riding footprints for a good couple years, I can’t stop using them. At one point I thought maybe my body just stopped hurting when I jumped down things so I went back to stock insoles and regretted it hard! They are seriously the best insoles ever, I will never stop using them.

  33. Dan Medvedev

    Amazing insoles they really do take impacts very well and are very comfortable to walk around in. I highly recommend to any true skaters.

  34. Alex Hagendorf

    I can jump down stairs now without feeling like my bones are made of paper! Don’t expect to be sore-free the next morning, but don’t get me wrong these things give you the confidence you need to take your skating to the next level!

  35. J. Garcia

    and the LIGHT and the WAY!!! these orthodics worked wonders on my heel bruises and my ‘whatever its called when my foot tingles for two hours when i land on it hard’ nonsense. makes skating TO the spot less tiring and makes skating HOME from the spot suck so much less. buyer FOR LIFE m/

  36. Claudio

    Great feeling, much less injuries and easy to handle! It’s not my last footprint-insole for sure!

  37. Yael Rodríguez Cuapio (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my insoles for almost a year, the fabric is passing out but they still work good.

  38. runfromzombies (verified owner)

    These are great and add support on my arch.

  39. TC (verified owner)

    This insole is an excellent investment. The dynamic arch support allows for just enough movement of the foot while maintaining the necessary support especially during higher impact.

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