FP Footwear Intercept Shoes

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  • Designed by Neen Williams
  • Free shipping in USA
  • Features extremely durable  toe cap
  • Extremely durable outsole
  • DGS Elite system absorbs massive shock energy while stabilizing joints for the life of the shoe
  • Heel collar for extended durability
  • This shoe runs half a size small.

USA Men's | Women's size
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True to size fit guarantee

Follow these steps and if the shoes don’t fit, we will pay for your return shipping.

  1. Measure the length of the center line of insoles in your current shoes and buy the corresponding size:


  • 4.5 = 23 cm
  • 5 = 23.5 cm
  • 5.5 = 24 cm
  • 6 = 24.5 cm
  • 6.5 = 25cm
  • 7 = 25.5 cm
  • 7.5 = 26cm
  • 8 = 26.5 cm
  • 8.5 = 27 cm
  • 9 =27.5 cm
  • 9.5= 28 cm
  • 10 =28.5 cm
  • 10.5 = 29 cm
  • 11 = 29.5 cm
  • 11.5 = 30 cm
  • 12 = 30.5 cm
  • 12.5 = 31 cm
  • 13 = 31.5 cm
  • 14 = 32.5 cm
Technology :

Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System.

  • Dynamic: The outsole adapts to each step and point of impact, absorbing nearly all shock energy.
  • Gait : Built in heel cup and arch support guide the adaptive reaction of FluidX Non Newtonian Protection to support your foot’s bio mechanical performance.
  • Stabilization: During large impacts stabilization of the joints is supported.
  • Performance comparison: Nike Janoski Lunarlon 53% energy absorption | FP DGS 91% energy absorption.
Impact Energy:No shoe before has ever come close to the level of energy absorption in the FP DGS System. Expect an entirely new experience.
Board Feel:Because the DGS outsole has been hollowed out and filled with soft FluidX Protection material in the place of traditional rubbers and foams, the FP shoe has superior board feel and flexibility. It’s like a kungfu shoe that absorbs all the energy.
Joint Support:A deep heel cup and arch guide are built into the outsole which guides the impact and helps the ankle stay in a stable neutral position on big impacts and jumps, avoiding over pronation and helping to prevent serious injuries.
Kingfoam Insole:In addition to our revolutionary DGS outsole, each FP shoe comes stock with our signature Kingfoam Insoles. yes, that’s right. You’ll never have to fear a foot impact injury again.
Extended Durability:While other shoe cushioning materials start bad and end worse, our FluidX insert will continue to absorb energy from the first day of use to the last day. Simply put, it will out live the shoe.

Additional information

USA Men's | Women's size

M 4.5, M 5.5, M 6.5, M 7, M 7.5, M 8, M 8.5, M 9, M 9.5, M 10, M 10.5, M 11, M 11.5, M 12, M 12.5, M 13, M 14


Black Ice Forever Cap, Brown / Black Ice/ Forever cap, Grey Ice, Red Ice, White Ice Forever Cap

2 reviews for FP Footwear Intercept Shoes

  1. Tristen

    Thank you, I love these shoes!!

  2. Israel Perez

    Best shoes that I tried so far!!

  3. Lenard Boof

    60 days before I put a kick flip hole in my toebox. Most shoes last two weeks. Still have life in them yet, but I am through the inner plastic rim guard. The insoles have stopped my feet from being murdered when landing primo. Over all will probably buy again. 

  4. Sam

    I got Neen William’s shoe in black a couple weeks ago and it is by far the best feeling shoe I’ve ever worn. 

  5. david

    my recent shoes were the tyshawn from adidas and i got them a 9 and my toes were bassically touching the end so i order a 9.5 and it felt like they were a half size too big and i didnt really notice cause i was too excited to skate them cause the tyshawns hurt my feet so bad and they feel really nice even tho they’re a bit big but other then that it’s really comfy and fit nice even tho it’s bigger than normal i can’t really tell if the flick is good cause my shoe is long but so far it’s nice 

  6. Juan Velez

    The shoes are great. Thanks

  7. Trey M.

    I was skeptical, at best, when I purchased these insoles. After working all day on my feet, I will never buy anything else. Great product!

  8. Logan

    I’m so stoked with my new NeeN Williams skate shoe. It’s what I’ve been looking for in a skate shoe Thanks . I’m a skater who wanted a good shoe and I got it 

  9. thejasonapple (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best skate shoe! After 37 years rolling,I have finally found the perfect shoe! Great job, Neen!

  10. thejasonapple (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best skate shoe! After 37 years rolling,I have finally found the perfect shoe! Great job, Neen!

  11. Raj

    These shoes are constructed so well. They are rugged and tough, and the design is beautiful. The insoles are super cushioning and comfortable. The impact absorption is incredible. I used to have a lot of fear for landing primo in cheap shoes, but a good pair does the trick. These shoes make me feel safe and really feel like they are the right gear for the job. As I get older, these shoes help me protect my body from unnecessary damage, and make me feel like I can continue skateboarding for as long as possibl The customer service was very helpful after getting in contact. I needed to address an issue, and they resolved it quickly.

  12. Jeff

    I’m a 47 year old skater who was seeking a comfortable and stable skate shoe. I tried the citrus.  I am an avid Van’s pro wearer and was searching for something different. The Citrus is very comfortable as an all around shoe , but it felt a bit soggy with very little grip while skating.  

  13. Tyson

    These shoes are really high quality and feel great and fit great. My only complaint would be the sizing tool put me at an 8.5 shoe, but I normally wear a 10US. I went with my gut and ordered the 10 and I’m glad I did!

  14. Rock Lam

    Great quality, Thanks

  15. Josh Jimenez

    Great shoe but it ran smaller than other brands.. I should’ve got a half size bigger.

  16. ShredSensei (verified owner)

    It feels like I waited 25 years and have finally found the best skate shoe. I’ve never had to think less about making skating work. The shoe allows me to feel connected to my board and has the perfect texture for flip tricks. I’m impressed with the toecap durabilty, although I broke a shoelace, I can imagine that with the FP rubber laces it would be even more perfect. I like the boardfeel in the forefoot area, and the thicker cupsole heel. The grip and sole rubber last a long time without wearing out, but grip the board well. With other shoes, the lacing needs adjusted over time, or the tongue slides side to side, but this shoe feels like once I put it on, i just get to skate worry free. Great Job Neen and FP family! God bless.

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