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Product short summary:

  • Introducing quantum heel technology, a whole new level of customization, stabilization and support
  • Our original patented “Footprint Insole Technology” re-engineered in a new patent pending construction method
  • 7mm heel | 5mm toe | fits in almos all shoes
  • 2-3 times the durability of original game-changers featuring a TPU top layer
  • Our latest Comfort plus foam formula stays soft and performs at peak in all temperatures
  • Absorbs nearly twice as much shock as original gamechangers

Gamechangers are GUARANTEED to drastically eliminate joint soreness caused by flat feet/fallen arches (over pronation) or your money back. Made for those who suffer from soreness (ankles knees hips or back) after walking or sports.

Gamechangers shape to your unique specific foot and prevent the arch from collapsing


1. Trim

Line up your stock insole and trim the toe if needed. If you have narrow shoes it is extra important to trim the side of the gamechangers oposite the arch. Make sure its easy to slide the insole into the shoe without folding.

2. Heat in the Oven

Heating to 225F for 8-10 minutes causes the inner arch chamber to soften and expand allowing the insole to take the exact shape of any arch. Do not fold the insole while hot.

The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Firm enough to truly support the skeletal structure.

Place in shoe and walk for a dynamic mold
Stand on the insole for solid mold
Sit and apply moderate pressure for an arch building mold

3. Molding process

The insole takes the unique shape of the foot and becomes firm as it cools down. Firm enough to truly support the skeletal structure.

Place in shoe and walk for a dynamic mold
Stand on the insole for solid mold
Sit and apply moderate pressure for an arch building mold

4. Enjoy the benefits of a custom orthotic

Normally,as the muscles in your foot get tired or when taking heavy impacts, your arches will start to collapse. This leaves you prone to injury and soreness as your joints stop working in alignment.


increase balance
stop the arch from collapsing (overpronation)
increase performance time
prevent arthritis from uneven cartilage wear
prevent acute injury such as torn ACL

5. Remold to new shoes

When moving from narrow to wide shoes or vice versa, remold your gamechangers for the best fit.

This is not possible with lab made orthotics which makes Gamechangers a superior choice.

Pros choose gamechangers

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PGA golf coach Colin Mccarthy

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Everyday heros choose Gamechangers

Xavier’s pain is finally gone

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Shana uses Gamechangers for hiking

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A few examples of customer images of their own custom molds

Tag us on Instagram @footprit_insoles or with photos of your custom mold and we will repost

They’re the best for snowboard custom boot molding.

Snowboard all day pain free

Durability for heavy duty use

In addition to use by soldiers our proprietary energy absorbing material is used for blast protection in tanks, submarines and helicopters.

It started with skateboarding

The highest impact sport needed serious solutions

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USA Men's | Women's size

M4/4.5 | W 6/6.5, M 5/5.5 | W 7/7.5, M 6/6.5 | W 8/8.5, M7/7.5 | W9/9,5, M 8/8.5 | W 10/10.5, M 9/9.5 | W 11/11.5, M10/10.5 | W 12/12.5, M 11/11.5 | W 13/13.5, M 12/12.5 | W 14/14.5, M 13/13.5 | W 15/15.5, M 14/14.5 | W 16/16.5


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134 reviews for Gamechangers custom orthotics Pro FP Insoles

  1. Mike

    Pretty good insoles! I like them forsure. The only thing is fitting them inside certain shoes could be a challenge! I don’t like trimming them, because I feel like they will break faster since you have to cut close to the stitching.

  2. Alexiz Lugo

    Best insoles to skate, super comfortable and will not hurt ur feet at all! Only down side they dont last as much as said, most a pair has lasted me was about a month an a half:/

  3. Jose Hernandez Correa

    I had these for quite a bit now, but I tell you, you will feel the difference within the first few minutes you break them in your shoes and they start to cool off. It takes some time getting used to such a high arch support if you have flat feet like I do, but you will forget all about it after you go out kicking on your longboard and your ankles and knees don’t take a beating. You might have to trash a bit your shoes to get the old soles out, like I did with my vans high tops. Totally worth it though. I will give them 4 stars instead of 5 because I got this model instead of the one I ordered. Not cool guys.

  4. Rene Carlos

    These insoles are amazing. Starting at Amazon Fulfilment they said we shouldn’t wear vans since our feet would hurt due to the concrete floors but with these insoles I’ve never felt any sort of foot pain since I started a few weeks ago. They’re great for everyday footwear and let me skate way longer like I used to before breaking my femur. These insoles have allowed me to keep doing what I love. I’d highly recommend them to anyone, I even bought some for my dad for work and I will continue to use this brand when I join wildland Fire next year. Thanks Footprint Insoles for making life awesome again.

  5. Mike

    Im an aggressive inline skater and these insoles are great. Provide instant relief and good shock absorbtion. I am going to try other models. Thicker ones may be better for my wieght but these are better thank shock doctor or Remind which are way more$.

  6. Joe

    Please never stop making these you guys!!! 🙂

  7. Duggan

    Amazing. Comfy, perfect arch support, well constructed. Great price for something that lasts so long. I recommend to anyone who wants to avoid arthritis.

  8. robert

    so far ive had these for almost a week and they have not failed to satisfy and the biggest difference from the old yellow foam that they did guarantee on is no flattening out with gold foam, my old yellow foam orthotics flattened out but these stay fresh and firm for days! feel amazing, so much support, ive been buying since the beginning and these are the best so far! get some! that pic of them not staying flattened even a day under a car is true, these do NOT flatten out which is the BEST!!

  9. sergio chavarin

    these are just plain 5! every insole i have had cannot compete with these footprint ones,Fp has saved my feet from heel bruising and and other foot brusing you can get!

  10. Andrew

    Love these. Great Quality. Highly suggest an orthodic insole. Wonderful for everyday use walking, hiking, or skating. Excellent product.

  11. Johnathan Henriquez

    These insoles are amazing! They mold to your foot you can jump off anything without feelimg a thing. They take like a day or 2 to get used to it. But after that it will feel PERFECT. get these insoles.

  12. Tim Marler

    I have had these for about 5 months, I never had a heel bruise or turf toe in these insoles, i had turf toe before i had these insoles and they went away when i used them for the first 2 weeks!!! You can jump down anything, it wont hurt i swear. perfect arch thank you Footprint 🙂

  13. joshua

    i have both the insoles and the orthotics. both are GREAT products. i use the orthotics for skate shoes and in my dress leather shoes for work. my feet feel great all day. if your shoes already have good arch support save a few bucks and get the insoles. you cant go wrong with footprint.

  14. gary holmgren

    fp insoles are truly on of the most amazing things ever created for skateboarders, i had sprained my right knee about abut 9 months ago and for the first week i could not walk at all on it, i struggling with it for about a month after that and ever since its been hurting and when i would try to stand on just my right knee and bend down and up it was nearly impossible without excruciating pain, it was also super swollen and impossible to bend my knee all the way especially after a long day of skating. as of 2 weeks ago i was fed up with the bs so i looked into these fp insoles and heard the stories about how people injured their knees and started to use the insoles and were able to normally skate again. so i ordered some insoles and other stuff from them it took about 2 weeks to ship them here and i got them 1 day ago, i skated in them for that day and miraculously my knee had no pain whatsoever, today i skated all day too, no pain at all, i didn’t even think about my knee, and plus the swelling is completely gone both knees look the exact same the way they are supposed to be. I highly extremely recommend these insoles to every skater out their they will protect your body and allow you to skate longer and harder than ever, they are truly amazing im so thankful for them.

  15. Maikel

    When I first heard about these insoles I had my doubts and I waited a bit longer before ordering to try them out. The first week skating with these insoles felt weird, but after that it felt great! I used to have pain in my ankles all the time due to numerous tweaks and hits in the past years. That belongs to the past now. One might think they are expensive, but how much is skateboarding without pain worth to you?

  16. danny

    superb makes my skating alot more comfortable on my feet

  17. danny

    absolutely superb did,nt realise how comfortable they are

  18. Russell Bortzfield

    I am perfectly happy with my new insoles, not sure I got them warm enough to mold 100% correctly but the great thing is I can easily do it again, a nice touch. I will say that this version’s sizing is much better than previous gamechangers since this was the first time I did not have to trim the sides of the insoles so on that note, good improvements, good product.

  19. Cole Lambert

    The product itself gets 5 stars for me. they are super comfy, they stretch really nice, and feel like they will last a long time without being super thick. Im just giving 4 stars due to the fit of them. I have pretty muscular legs, so I ordered the straight fit(cant stand skinny jeans). When they came, they fit like skinny jeans, so I sent them back. I got the relaxed fit and they are much better, but for a relaxed fit pant they are still a bit slimmer than other brands (so dont expect a super baggy fit with these). Their service sending back items was quick and easy though too, thumbs up to that! Hopefully some people can use this for a sizing guide. They are worth it though once you get the right fit. Im loving them.

  20. Cole Lambert

    I got these a year ago when I was have constant struggles with painful toes/arches/ankles/heels. I was just looking for something with great cushion, and these really fit the bill! Since I started wearing these I haven’t really had any pain I can think of, which is amazing. After 4 leg surgeries and constant struggles with that, I really believe these are helping out. For $30, that’s a steal… They have great board-feel, and at the same time they really do make a difference in cushioning your landings. I can skate more often, and I can skate longer when I wear these vs. when I don’t. One thing I noticed was that they don’t really wear down either. Other insoles will lose their cushion after a month or so…after a year, these were still going pretty strong.

  21. Kekai Sakoda

    i followed the instructions and they did mold to my feet well i felt my arch supported, but i feel like they’re a bit to thin. i think I’m gonna try the king foam because the foam it came with feels really good.

  22. chan saephan

    These insoles feel great right after you mold it to your foot, it takes away having to break in shoes and is super comfy to just walk around in general. For skating it makes me feel ONE with my self and the board haha but as in as long as I have these insoles on while skating I feel the same comfyness all the time not matter what, it takes away the harsh impacts and primo landings. I’ve had 3 other pairs of insoles from you guys and the best ones were the Vincent Alvarez which I tore up super bad and these PU gamechangers which feel super good! Overall I give these insoles a 10/10

  23. Butterytoast808

    WOWWWW!!! these are great they have some pretty great arch support. Once i slipped them in i could feel instant comfort. So sick!!! I also did the egg test and my brain exploded. Crazy good insoles. GET THEM!!!

  24. Fro Silva

    Thanks for the product, the videos are very nicely made to sell you over already. To actually purchase the insoles is a new experience all together. What was said is true, I always had my arch hurt me and I thought it was just me. Thanks so much for the upgrade, I’ll never be able to go back to normal soles. Skateboarding freely and not worrying about pain is too good, but it’s true. You got yourself a customer for life! 😉

  25. Trey

    These things are seriously next level. I skate Janoskis, which don’t have the best impact resistance, which made me kind of want to switch shoes until I found these FPs. I’ve been skating with them in for the past two weeks and have no pain or soreness after a full day of skating. The best thing is that once they’re broken in, you don’t sacrifice board can still skate minimalistic shoes but get that impact resistance as well. Definitely staying on these.

  26. Mike O’Meara

    Awesome insoles! I use this model for work and I plan on getting another model for skating.

  27. Todd Balian

    These are the greatest insoles! A great price too!

  28. Jared Collins

    I purchesed a pair of the orthotic insoles to try and get some support in my life. I have flat feet and I’m on my feet over six hours a day. And when I get home my knees would have pain and my back would always give me problems as well. I thought maybe it’s my bed so I pitched a new bed and my sleeping improved but still had discomfort. Well when I found fp insoles I wear them almost everyday and pain and discomfort has decreased emencly. And when I don’t use them I definetly feel that the support isn’t there. Thank you

  29. Brian McClellen

    These insoles have literally amped my confidence level! I skate a lot of handrails and gaps; so my feet generally take a beating. After using the Jaws insoles my feet are HAPPY!!!! Impact as a whole is almost eliminated. To give you a picture I bought another set and I wore them out so in between getting my new set I used the stock insoles that came in my shoes…I was icing my feet for a couple days. But I’m back on the clouds now. I thoroughly suggest any avid skateboarder to get these, your feet will thank you!

  30. Jason perna

    I’m a stone mason, I used to skateboard board for years so I still follow the sport. I’m on my feet all day, hard surfaces and soft. To say the least my feet take a pounding. I bought these insoles for my danner boots. These are the best insoles by far. I could tell a difference after 10mn in my boots. I would recommend these to anyone who’s feet take a beating. I’m definitely going to buy more. Thanks for the great product.

  31. ALX

    Bought the first game changers where you put water in them, but now you can put them in the oven, overall, best fucking insoles out there. In #FootPRINTwetrust . No PAINS, no nothing, Hours of skating! JUST BUY THEM AND SAVE YOUR FEET, KIDS ARE LUCKY THESE DAYS!!! us old people DIDNT HAVE IT THIS GOOD IN MY TIMES.

  32. Cody Pittman

    Fpin soles are amazing enough said buy a pair now your feet will love you, only down side for me was they squeak when I walk, pretty sure that’s cause they don’t fit the shoe style properly. Other than that there proven to be the best

  33. Rosalia

    I bought these insoles for my boyfriend and he loves them. They have helped with support while he skateboards and even everyday work and play. Great product!

  34. Shojiro Kokubo

    AT first I was like 45$ for an insole!? Then I started researching other products such as the Aaron “Jaws” Homoki hi profile kingfoam insoles(25$) to see why the price difference? Then I saw that the Gamechangers were everything I needed as a flat-footed skater. It gives me solid support all through-out the day of hardcore shred-age. This Willow Gamechangers with the sick grizzly design has really changed my game up with proper arch support, crazy impact absorption and on top of that incomparable board-feel and control. The quality that is embedded in these insoles had me walking on clouds after switching from my traditional non-footprint insoles. As a skateboarder for over a decade now, I highly recommend these to anyone who especially likes to jump down sets or hit rails as well as flip tricks. Anyways try them out! You won’t regret the FP experience. Thanks FP Team!!!

  35. Nick

    These are amazing! So comfy! The egg drop thing on them actually works too which is sick. Impact feels compleatly disconnected from my body and nothing hurts.

  36. J. Garcia

    and the LIGHT and the WAY!!! these orthodics worked wonders on my heel bruises and my ‘whatever its called when my foot tingles for two hours when i land on it hard’ nonsense. makes skating TO the spot less tiring and makes skating HOME from the spot suck so much less. buyer FOR LIFE m/

  37. Eli Gahringer

    Got a pretty bad heel bruise so I picked up a pair and couldn’t be happier. Made me want to order a pair of the orthotics. I’d recommend any insole fr here to anyone.

  38. Sam

    It’s been about a month since I’ve received my insoles, and I absolutely them. They truly make a difference when I skate. I don’t hurt myself as much and I find myself skating for longer periods. I also love the fact that I can remold them to fit new and old shoes. It’s an excellent product, you won’t regret buying these.

  39. Trill

    Best insoles I’ve ever used! They Feel amazing on impact 👍 highly recommend, only flaw is there’s no arch support.

  40. Ritchie ortiz

    These insoles have helped me a lot I with my skating now I don’t have to stop skating quick because of my foot hurting from heel bruises it gives me more confidence when I’m gonna jump things and when I land primo I don’t feel a Thing it Is way more fun to skate knowing that your feet are safe. Thank you footprint

  41. Carter

    I’ve had 3 pairs of king foam insoles but they just weren’t enough or me after skating and snowboarding for 18 years. The game changers gave me that little extra support I needed.. My back has better posture , knees and ankles feel great, and my skating improved instantly. Feel like I’m 16 again. Highly recommended for any older shredders out there. And well.. Let’s just say If Terje stands behind it it’s gotta be a solid product. That dude has been rippin forever!

  42. Blake

    These insoles are great ! They formed to the exact shape of my foot which feels so much better and they help hugely on stairs/drops. I am very pleased with them and recommend you cop a pair for yourself (:

  43. jason

    im 30 and i recently started skating a bunch, like when i was a kid. Naturally i bruised my heel pretty bad, and skate sessions were pretty short. The insoles made a huge difference, so comfy , you have to give them a week to get your feet in check. Only thing is they are not cat piss proof, so I’m getting my second pair now.

  44. Alex Hagendorf

    I can jump down stairs now without feeling like my bones are made of paper! Don’t expect to be sore-free the next morning, but don’t get me wrong these things give you the confidence you need to take your skating to the next level!

  45. Andre McGrath

    I purchased footprint insoles and there amazing when you first get them you might get frustrated because the they feel weird and effect your skating but once you get used to them there amazing. 5 stars thanks footprint

  46. jake oelke

    Love the insoles shipping was way better this time bought a pair of the terry kennedys for my mom and she loves them to so thank you guys

  47. Tanner

    My feet are still getting used to these after a few days use which ironically proves their high quality. I know these insoles will have a lasting effect on my comfort and health and that’s well worth the price! Thank you for the quality products and service. Highly recommend to anyone

  48. Nick

    The reason I bought these insoles was because I had the new Emerica Romero Laced shoes, which are pretty thin but have great board feel. While I liked the lack of bulkiness I was apprehensive about jumping down stairs or landing primo. These soles changed everything! They’re so comfy, form to your foot, and the impact, even with a thin shoe, is nothing. I will continue to buy the thinner shoes I like because these soles took the flaws away. Highly recommend.

  49. Dre lara

    These have helped me so much since I’ve had them in! My knees, back and feet never hurt anymore. I can Huck down stairs and gaps without worrying about bruises and pain in my feet! I strongly recommend these insoles for all skaters!

  50. Dan Medvedev

    Amazing insoles they really do take impacts very well and are very comfortable to walk around in. I highly recommend to any true skaters.

  51. Dan

    The best price point insoles on the market period. A truly revolutionary product I’m extremely satisfied with my testing. Perfect for adults weighing over 125 pounds, for feather weights or children I recommend the thinner 5mm variety.

  52. Miguel

    This is my second pair….when these wear out ima get a third thats all i have to say.

  53. Dan

    The foam is truly and incredible thing it really does absorb a lot of impact and keep your feet happy. However these are a bit thin so if you only skate flat and once in a while, or have built in impact protection on non vulcanized shoes, or weigh under 125 pounds these are the right price point insoles for you. Great product fair price and best used by people under 125 pounds otherwise get the jaws for price point insoles.

  54. Mike P

    Yo! These really f*#king work!!! I got heel bruise from the nike lunarlon insoles then bought a pair of these and you can definetly feel the difference. I Recommend these 100% if you suffer from heel bruise a lot.

  55. Tanner

    Had them for about 2 weeks now, and all I can say is wow! Even in my vulcs I have no problem jumping down stairs and stuff. They also sit give you good board control.

  56. Callum Edwards

    I have had nothing but great results with theese insoles they offer great impact protection and great arch support. When I first got theese insoles I had this disease called osgood shlater which is were you have soft bone in the knee caused by too much impact. I Molded theese insoles to my feet and instantly fell in love with the comfort and support that my feet were getting, after a week of using the insoles I had found that my osgood shlater disease had went away I was very please. I also have found out that from me skating stair sets and gaps that they have helped my bones take the impact. I can not thank Foot print enough for helping me and I will always support them

  57. Jomar

    This claims you read here are for real!!! Believe what you will but I swear this product is amazing. I’m 32 and I broke my ankle over 10 years ago, badly, I have 6 screws and a metal plate in one side of my ankle and 2 toward the inside of my ankle, I never thought I would skate again. Eventually I bought a cruiser but living on an area with so many skaters I couldn’t resist and eventually bought a skateboard and started doing tricks again. It was a slow process but I started to land respectable stuff again but if I skated hard one day I had to rest two, haha, my feet were always sore and man landing primo sucks we all know that. Then I bought this product! Damn damn damn why did I wait so long!! What a difference man but trust me you won’t understand till you try them, it would be the best investment you could do I promise you the difference is real!!!

  58. Brad burden

    I’ve seriously been riding footprints for a good couple years, I can’t stop using them. At one point I thought maybe my body just stopped hurting when I jumped down things so I went back to stock insoles and regretted it hard! They are seriously the best insoles ever, I will never stop using them.

  59. Gabby

    So I bought these for my boyfriend because he’s big into riding bikes and is constantly landing really hard on his feet. Within two days of getting them he loved them so much and suggested I also get a pair. So not only for you skateboarders out there but for bmx, mtn bikes anything, these are super helpful! Might even get a pair of my own 🙂

  60. Anthony Godette

    I bought my first pair about a year ago but recently i stopped wearing them and started wondering why i wasnt skating the same, long story short this is one of those products that after you buy your first pair you will notice when your not wearing them

  61. Jeremy

    the second I got these insoles I put them in the oven let them softened up and molded them they felt a little weird I’ve never had orthotics like this so it was a change, they felt good to skate flat ground so I went them to the park and ollied down the quarter that I usually Ollie and after only two try’s I can tell the difference no leg soreness and no feet pain they work great

  62. Jake

    I got these insoles a few days ago and all I can say is wow! If you get heel bruises easily or like to jump down big gaps, these are the insoles for you. I ollied off an 8 foot ledge multiple times and my heels felt fine. Get these insoles now!

  63. Peter

    I recently just bought the gamechangers, and I must say that I’m couldn’t be happier. I have flat feet and used to have a lot of pain in my feet when I skated. With the game changes I can skate longer and not have to take breaks to rest my feet. These are great and will definitely buy them again!

  64. Matt Osborn

    100% worth the money and you might as well buy three cause they are going to be the only sock you will ever want to wear when you skate.

  65. Spencer

    These are awesome. They form fit to your foot so well. I was really worried that they would kill board feel and the heel felt so thick with the extra padding added, that I was worried that’d feel weird too, but that was not the case. These are very comfortable and absorb impact very well. I can skate all day and these and now have worn out feet afterward. Stop reading this, and buy these if you haven’t already.

  66. Chandler

    Fp you knocked it out with this product I wanst expecting this great of quality but wow my back has felt feat after warring these and the board feel is crazy good, I can scoop tre flips with ease great job guys these are a def buy!!!

  67. Audrey Cook

    I got these for my son for Christmas and he LOVES them. He didn’t like wearing shin guards while skateboarding because they are bulky and he was constantly whacking the sides of his ankles, these socks solve both those problems and he says they are just really comfortable and supportive, I will definitely be ordering more of these!

  68. Sakoun

    I like the soles. It felt a little weird at first cause I haven’t had a new pair in a while. I slipped them in some new shoes I had just for wearing. It felt ok. I thought I might have had to reshape it or something. But when I put them in my skate shoes that are really blown out and got a hole from flip tricks. The soles made me feel like I had cushion and something solid under my feet again. I would like a new pair to just have in both set of shoes song don’t have to switch them over all the time.

  69. Jenny

    I bought these for my son. He’s a skateboarder and is always abusing his feet, and these have really helped with that. He loves them!

  70. jason

    So far these insoles have helped me definetly for the better, i am a way heavier skater then most but it still has saved me multiple times

  71. Matt

    Only took me about an hour to get used to these insoles and I am hooked. Super comfortable and crazy as it sounds they actually seem to be helping my back pain. I swap these out between my work shoes and my skating shoes but will definitely be picking up another set.

  72. Krystal Esparza

    Amazed at the amount of impact these insoles can absorb and what a HUGE difference they make, especially for my ongoing ankle injuries. I’ve always loved skating big drops, stairs and gaps but for the last couple of years I had to stop because my ankles couldn’t take the impact anymore. Now that I have these I can skate whatever I want and my feet/ankles never hurt, so I never have to walk away from an obstacle due to heel bruises, joint pain or any other BS, it’s AWESOME.

  73. Charles Richey

    These insoles are amazing, I put them in a pair of shoes that I couldn’t wear for more than 30 minutes without my feet hurting and now I can wear them all day without any problems. Well worth the price and I will buy them again.

  74. Anthony

    For a while, my feet had been aching from extended periods of skating. My arches especially would hurt over time. Eventually I could only skate at the most less than an hour at a time. These insoles have helped my feet tremendously. I no longer get sore feet! You can really feel the arch support with the gamechanger insoles. Definitely worth the buy.

  75. braylon sandy

    good good good good good good great great love these insoles so much i literally turned into jaws when i put them in my shoes and i kickflip meloned that stair/ ledge not him

  76. Aaron

    I was recently diagnosed with PatelloFemoral knee pain. basically, my kneecap doesn’t track in a straight line and it hurts really bad. So, I’m already dealing with pain in my knee from normal wear and tear, now add all the impact and falls from skateboarding. THESE PADS SAVED MY (skateboarding) LIFE! i highly recommend these pads for anyone who wants concealed protection. But, remember, these pads are soft and are recommended for street use not transition. THANKS FP INSOLES!

  77. Chris gracia

    I bought these for sore feet after skating and knee and back pain.Before these I tried other insole brands such as remind but did not work well. Then I bought these,the next day I went to the skatepark with my friends and was jumping off of a 7 stair at least a hundred times and not sore feet or back and knee problems they are truly game changers!!!

  78. esbo

    These things work. I was worried that these were going to feel like mattress pads under my feet, but they’re super slim in the heel compared to the Vans’ new “ultracush” insole. After trying these, I wouldn’t even bother with the “lo-profile” because these are so damn good and give you just a bit of arch support, but nothing crazy that’s going to mess up your mojo. Do not hesitate to buy these. Get them now.

  79. Juan Rivera

    I used to get Hella bad heel bruises, but after skating these for just 2 days I broke that wall that stopped my progression!


    Being older (34) my knees have seen some action and they aren’t what they used to be. My right knee specifically. I use the sleeve more for support but it also keeps my knee warmer and I can skate longer. I haven’t needed the side protection yet but its good to know that its there. AND it doesn’t stink after getting all sweaty!!

  81. Thomas

    I’m 30 years old and hadn’t been on a skateboard in over a decade. When I started to skate again I began to have horrible pain in my knees instantly. Unfortunately with not being a kid anymore and putting on a few pounds I was suffering from ITBS. I can honestly say game changers saved my knees I can skate all day and the ITBS hasn’t come back since. So thanks footprint

  82. Preston

    These insoles are the best insoles ever had. Forget about Dr. Scholl re-mind or etc. those are just pieces of cloth and foam. I did the bowling ball egg drop even body drop and I did the bowling ball egg drop even body drop and didn’t hurt it worked. I’m not no do yet but I can garenteeee you that a docter will tell u to get these in soles. Plus they are really cheap. The only thing is that don’t walk with them on a rainy day or they will get really stiff and hard trust me I even tried to put them back in the oven but that didn’t help but at least I got to ride it for a day of stairs. YOU NEED TO BUY THESE INSOLES OR YOU WILL BECOME A HADICAP WHEN YOU ARE A SENIOR CITIZEN. Ig @_prestonmiller

  83. Jimmy

    Everything I hoped for and more. Need more for all my shoes now. Put them in Emerica Reynolds, thought about trimming the insoles but kept them raw and its a perfect fit. Thanks for your help on instagram, really made ordering these a no brainer.

  84. Amani Hrabowy

    These are really great insoles for anything. The first day i got them, i molded them to fit my feet, stuck them in my shoes and jumped off my garage roof. I didn’t feel a thing. I will definitely be getting another pair.

  85. TylerT

    These are great. Some people complain about stiffness but I don’t feel any less mobility . They make me skate with more confidence and commitment. Used both pairs I bought before laundry day so I skated with my regular ankle socks the other day and smacked the shit outta my ankle with the board, bruised AF and had to take a few days off. I ordered 3 more pairs as I don’t wanna skate without em

  86. DedBerdLB

    These are the most sleek, most comfortable, most stretch-tastic, most gnarly pair of chinos on the damn market!! There are even hip pads concealed in the sides. Even the lining of the pockets is super awesome and super high quality!!! Obviously, these are an amazing pair of pants that skaters to civies alike can enjoy!!

  87. leo carranza

    these insoles are amazing

  88. Collin

    Fucking buy these. Best my feet have ever felt!!!

  89. Shane Smith

    Thanks for making thses. Big fan of Kelvin and the insoles are lit.

  90. Christian

    I have skated on these at least 4 times a month, on top of using them in my work shoes. I work as a package handler. I definitely feel as if my knees and feet should be wrecked by now. Whatever shoe I used can be made 1000% more comfortable by just moving the insoles over =P. 14 months of wear and they’re just now showing signs of deterioration.

  91. Connor Allen

    I’ve never used insoles of any kind before and I’m stoked that I finally tried these. they absorb all the impact and make shoes 100 times more comfortable to wear. I use them for not only skating but for every day use. 10/10

  92. Mark S.

    I can instantly feel a difference from the standard insoles in my shoes, especially in my knees. I would buy them again for my other shoes, even the pair for walking. Price isn’t bad and shipping was fast.

  93. isidore gosselin

    Works better then expectations. I actually put my board premo and jumped on it and felt nothing

  94. James

    My feet feel like a constant orgasm 10/10 gone through 3

  95. Ken

    These insoles are literally named for the perfect desription. They have fixed all the issues I have been having with my knees and my feet. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

  96. Dustin

    These insoles are great. They deliver what is advertised, and this is about the third pair I’ve had in twice as many years, so they last awhile. My only gripe is that the forefoot cushioning doesn’t come off. Still, feels just fine in the show so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  97. John

    Really good product!!

  98. Carlos M.

    Thank you for this product. It gives me the support I need. I’m a corporate chef that works 55 hours per week.

  99. Andrew Vacaflor

    So I have had these insoles for a little over a year, and they have worked perfectly as ordered. They take time to mold to your feet when you first put them in(not like the Gamechangers), so that they are plush. When you skate them with a vulcanized shoe they can increase the life of the shoe by absorbing the impact and allowing the skater to freely skate. When place in a cupsole shoe, (I had the Reynolds Low) they have the strength of a tank. This insole is versatile, soft, forgiving on your joints when you land, and if you skate regularly this will probably last you about 2-3 months, if you skate infrequently, they will last a year. They were my go to insoles for even casual walking around.

  100. Garrett

    I own both Gamechangers and Gamechangers Lite. First let me start by saying both pairs of insoles are amazing. I have nothing but praise for these insoles and this company and I have not recommended a product to more people than these insoles. That is because anyone can benefit from them, you don’t have to skate or do a snow sport to reap the benefits. I have the Gamechanger Lites in my skate/everyday shoes. I had worn skate shoes my entire life with the flat insoles so my arches never had any kind of support so I when I first heat molded them it took my foot some getting used too because of the new found support. I was a little iffy on them at first but once they broke in and my foot got used to them I was convinced I would never wear a shoe without FP insoles again. They’re great for just everyday walking, I used to have pretty bad knee pain but I don’t think I have had any since I bought them in June 16′. I also use these for skating and the impact absorption is great and landing primo honestly feels like nothing. I have the regular Gamechangers currently in my snowboard boots since I tend to go bigger on snow and need the extra impact absorption. That’s where the difference is in the Gamechangers and the Gamechanger Lites. The Gamechangers have an extra layer of Kingfoam on top while the lites do not. They both mold the same and they both feel great but I like the way the Gamechangers feel more, they feel a bit more soft than the lites. With the old insoles my foot would slide around a bit and I would have some heel lift but with FP insoles my foot no longer slid, the heel lift was reduced and the boot fit more snug in general. The impact absorption is great though, hardly feel anything from jumps. The insoles are super comfortable and continue to get more comfortable as the day goes on. All in all I would recommend this product to anyone. The heat molding is amazing and the insoles are just so incredibly comfortable. If you’re like me and had skated flat arches for awhile and bought these, just give your feet sometime to adjust and you’ll love them. As for deciding between the Gamechangers and the Gamechanger Lites, If you have the extra 15 for the Gamechangers buy them, it’s worth it. If not still get the lites because it is still an amazing insole. I’ll only be riding FP from now on. Keep on rockin guys.

  101. Dillon

    I have recently bruised my heel. Spent countless hours trying shitty insoles that you buy in the store. None worked. Went online to see if they made any for skateboarding and I was graced by the good lord to find Footprint. These insoles have completely blown my mind. The level of comfort and support that they provide is incredible. Skating is finally less painful. Thanks Footprint! PS shipping was super fast

  102. Andy

    I had a major knee surgery not long ago and I had heard of these footprint insoles. I finally tried them out and continue playing sports… I don’t know if it is mental but, my knees feel great. Best Insoles in the world…especially for flat feet.

  103. Edber blanco

    Processing was so fast that my insoles literally shipped within two hours of paying. As for the insoles, the most comfortable I’ve ever tried. I used to get pain in my medial ankle but didn’t feel any discomfort when wearing these. Btw if you have wide feet and are unsure about these, they aren’t noticeably narrow when placed in your shoes. The borders come up slightly short but not so much that it creates friction on the bottom of your feet.

  104. Deb

    These seem to give the arch support and dampening needed to help keep my hip and lower back from seizing… hard miles on an aging skateboarder (25 yrs). It has so far been a game changer and helping my shoes have a longer lifespan, which is better for my wallet, the environment, etc… thank you!

  105. Claudio

    Great feeling, much less injuries and easy to handle! It’s not my last footprint-insole for sure!

  106. Christopher

    At first when I got these, It said nothing about the little heel pads but I just put them on before heating them up. So I heat them up for about 7 to 10 minutes and put them in….I start walking and it feels like nothing is happening, then I go outside with one of my friends and we start skating for 5 HOURS. Now usually I would REALLY SORE by this time but I was BEARLY ANY SORE. NOW THAT IS A MIRACLE. Plus I have flat arches from genetics that I have to go to physical therapy for and I’m slightly overweight (working to have a better lifestyle and its doing good.) and for me be able to not come out of the shower get dressed and have to walk slowly downstairs cause I’m so sore? GONE.

  107. Robert Bellomy

    I m 46. I ve been skating since 1979 with about 10 years off from 1990 – 2000 (family, kids, work, etc.) and have been back skating for the past 17 years. For the past 12 months or so, I ve had pain with increasing severity affecting my achilles tendon. A friend from the local skate shop recommended Gamechangers. My only regret is it took me about 10 months before I tried them – instead wasting my money on other shoes to see if that could fix the problem with my foot. I ve been wearing these now for about 6 hours and I am absolutely convinced of the awesomeness of Footprint Insoles Gamechangers (aka science-y miracles for your aching feet). This is the first day I ve skated without achilles pain in my push-foot in at least 12 months – maybe more – it s been a while. Eventually I worked up the nerve to ollie – something that usually ends with a painful slapping of my feet in landing with searing pain in my push-foot achilles – and that is what blew my mind. I barely felt the landing. In fact, as I skated, I started launching out of the banks from the snake run, landing, and then rolling back in (getting all 4 wheels off the ground) and landing back inside the bank with zero pain. It s been two hours since I finished skating – usually after 90 minutes, my achilles cools down and begins to ache – and nothing zero pain (and I don t take ibuprofen, aspirin or Tylenol or ANYTHING for muscle aches, and I m allergic to Aleve and prescription painkillers). These are the real deal. Thank you Footprint Insoles!

  108. William

    If youre thinking about buying these, then you should buy them. also if youre not thinking about buying these, you should definitely buy them.

  109. Casey Winckler

    I LOVE this thing my knee is fucked and when i got this it made it feel so much better when I skate

  110. Cody Scogin

    I’ve been buying custom orthotics for a while now. I started off with the water injected mariano’s and have tried a few different models since then. Not only do I recommend them for skating, but for my job I’m on my feet all day so I need all the support I can get. So I have a pair for work and for skating, and my feet have never felt better. Footprint has done an amazing job at taking care of my feet. I don’t think I’ll be able to use any other insoles again. Worth the buy every time, thank you guys.

  111. Jeff Mendes

    Just bought these, popped em in the oven and they molded perfectly. No more arch pain or shin splints or knee pain, feel like i can just keep skating all day. Bought a couple kingfoams for work shoes and they just feel like walking on clouds all day. Love these and will keep recommending them to everyone i know that skates!

  112. mose portal

    I cant wait to use these in the adrenalina push race, after an hour and a half of constantly slappin your feet on the ground, this is gonna help. These are made for impact, every skateboarder should have a pair

  113. Geo sabillon

    Best insoles out there trust me iv bought 2 of them an there so amazing i land primo on a gap dont feel it stomp my foot on the ground dont feel it ITS ABORBS THE IMPACT SO WELL!!! An if you dont skate they also good to have in your shoes there very cofrtable your feet are on a cloud a cloud that can take impact i recommend insoles for every daily use

  114. Derek

    These insoles are the best not joke, I suffered a knee injury last year, which caused bone bruising on both ends of the bones (femur and tibia) and I’ve had chronic pain ever since. I started to used these insoles and the pain disappeared in two days, now my knee only hurts when I use flip-flops, but it goes away when I start using the shoes with the insoles again. (A plus is that you get the heel pads, which you can use like I did, inside your shoe at the toe area so if you skate and your board hits you there it takes the impact, no more toe jamming with your board).

  115. adam

    Ive had these for about 2 or 3 months now and theyre reallly goood no heelbruise and when you land primo your feet dont die it effects your boardfeel in the arch area because its stiff but you get boardfeel everywere else, so the boardfeel is aight i would give these a 4.5 but u cant so i put 4 u should get sum i think my next insole will be the jaws

  116. Jesse Tamez

    I’ve been using these insoles for a couple of days now and all I can say is that these insoles are really good quality and they have really helped with my flat feet, I’ve noticed the I can be standing and walking for a longer amount of time without my feet hurting and my legs getting tired.

  117. Michael Bentley

    I’ve had issues with my feet for sometime now. I’ve been to doctors and physical therapy. And I’ve tried various other shoe inserts for years without relief. Finally a shoe insert that is not only comfortable, but seems to be working as my feet feel much better. My legs also feel better. i would recommend these very highly.

  118. Flash

    these insoles are the f*cking sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use them for snowboarding, and they blow stock insoles out of the water. I will never ever go back to anything else. i do alot of jumps, and i literally feel NO impact on my knees at the end of the day. I feel like I am walking on clouds. I am super impressed with these and will not bother getting custom made insoles. What a bargain at this price.

  119. Kohlton

    These are amazing! They feel so good and work just like they said they would! I can’t wait to order more and tell everyone about this great Insole!

  120. arthur dubinsky

    Insoles work amazing, I got them and I thought it was strange they had a rise where the palm of your foot was, but now I know exactly why. They absorb so much impact from skating on the balls of your feet. I skated in my old skate shoes that I thought had good insoles and they were beating up my feet. Then I put the terje game changers in the next day and I felt like all these year I have been living in the stone age without these haakonsen gamechangers. I put them in some in some leather dress shoes and they felt like skate shoes. Cant live without them anymore

  121. anymous

    I have etnies marana and they fit but i though they would fit in a little better. But overall these things are the best insoles out there. I dont feel a thing when i land now and am very satisfied with them

  122. Kienan Mooney

    Seriously can’t get over how awesome these things are. Skated them for the first time yesterday (I have the knee-high version but they’re basically the same), and I noticed a huge difference. A shinner which would have normally had me hopping around on one leg through the pain for a couple minutes didn’t even faze me and I could just keep at it. These things really work, and are super comfortable, you don’t even feel the padding after a while! I also asked them to toss in some stickers with my order, and they did. Super awesome company.

  123. Kevin

    Best thing that ever happened to my skating!

  124. Siggi

    Love these!!! getting more for all my shoes

  125. Keonauna Schmidt

    Used to have foot, ankle, knee pain, you name it when skating thinner shoes. I bought these flat footprint insoles with the hopes of not only being able to skate thinner, grippier shoes again without any pain but also in hopes of correcting & rehabilitating the arch muscles in my feet from years of wearing corrective insoles for high arches. Not only do I feel like my feet have gotten stronger but I can also say that I roll my ankles way less with these insoles than the muscle weakening rigid arched insoles I used to use. My only complaint is that they don’t last forever, only a year or so! Thanks Footprint, you’ve got yourselves a lifer

  126. scotty blalock

    Put them in some Vans off the walls that had almost no insole at all in them went from killing my feet after just a few hours to being able to go all day without any discomfort at all. Highly recommend them.

  127. David O

    I have used multiple shoe inserts and these are by far the best I have ever used. I highly recommend these to anyone on their feet on on the go regularly.

  128. Ryan

    A must need! Takes away the pain so you can focus on the trick and not hurting yourself in the process of learning.

  129. Stevenjteel

    Bought 1 pair to skate in and love them, so I bought some for work I’m a UPS driver and I feel great after 11 hours work day. Also got my wife a pair she is a Zumba and Country Heat instructor and saving the knees is important to us both, so the fpinsole’s are great for my life style. Thanks appreciate these insoles. And the painkiller Socks are the Sh*t.

  130. Damian

    These insoles are amazing. Not only are they completely comfortable, they also work better than described. They absorb huge amounts of shock and make for an overall smooth experience. These also fit great in all of my skate shoes. I will never go without these again!

  131. Jennifer

    I’ve used several different insoles over the years. None of them have provided the comfort and support that I’ve gotten from these FP-insoles. The impact resistance is just flat out incredible. I’m a 42 year old who has been skateboarding since around the age of 10. My ankles, knees and heals are pretty much shot, but I don’t have to worry about pain from impacts so much anymore.

  132. John Barbieri

    GameChangers are the way if you have No arch to a medium arch. I have really flat feet. Foot Print insoles are the only company I have been able to wear that provide support for low arch feet. I have tried the competitors and have been very disappointed with foot cramps and heel bruises. I also have a couple pairs of the King foams which have no arch support which I love and the impact on them is great and they are lighter, I can notice a difference in support and my balance while wearing the Game Changers for skate or just living. I recently ruined a pair which sucked, I ordered a new pair right away but I noticed my back started to bother me a lot more the days I was not wearing the game changers. Its really crazy how they make my daily life better. I highly recommend these insoles for skating and lifestyle, Your back, legs, feet will thank you. Some might think the insoles are a bit pricey but its worth it, I typically have 2 plus sets of the insoles so the life span may last a bit longer for me but I have had several pairs lasting more than 2 years! Thank you Foot Print Insoles for making a the best product out!!! Has anyone tried the game changer lites? I am interested…

  133. Tim Carhff

    The insoles fulfill all of their promises. Makes your foot feel more locked into place and does an excellent job with impact protection.

  134. Scott Andrews

    Still the best. Been using FP’s for 7 years already, will never stop.

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