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FP Healing Field | Pulsed Electromagnetic Field | Human Charger | PEMF


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  • Regarded as one of the most effective and serious healing/ recovery technologies , documented in thousands of clinical trials.
  • Comparable units cost thousands of dollars
  • Includes 2 custom built electromagnets up to 4000 gauss peak strength. ( Expandable up to 4 electromagnets)
  • Adjustable pulse frequency from .05 to  15 hz
  • Adjustable timer up to 12 hours for continuous use while sleeping
  • Square wave pulse based on NASA research which proved faster cell proliferation
  • 3 year warranty on electronic components

PEMF technology increases blood oxygenation and cellular metabolism which in turn promotes:

This study showed that PEMF is the most superior treatment available in knee osteoarthritis:

“Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields… showed to be the most promising from the others: Balance Training, Diet, Diathermy, Hydrotherapy, High Level Laser Therapy, Interferential Current, Mudpack, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Musculoskeletal Manipulations, Shock Wave Therapy, Focal Muscle Vibration”

Disclaimer: This is not a medical device and not meant to cure any illness. If you suffer from a serious illness, see a doctor.

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