FP MFG Sweatpant Chinos – Slim Fit- Elastic waistband

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Joey Brezinksi designed, FP MFG sweatpant chinos may be the best pants ever made. You can wear them to work, to skate, on a date and they are so comfortable you can even sleep in them like normal pajamas. The unique feel and finish on our chino fabric is something you will not find in the market from other brands.

  1. Double stretch chino
  2. Elastic Drawstring Waistband
  3. Extremely comfortable
  4. Slim fit
Machine wash and dry with like colors. Do not use bleach.


In Inches 30 32 34 36
Chinos slim fit FLEX Waistline 14-17 15-18 16-19 17-20
Hip 18.9 19.7 20.5 21.3
Leg Length 30 30 30 30
Leg opening 7.1 7.3 7.5 7.7

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs

Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Khaki, Teel

15 reviews for FP MFG Sweatpant Chinos – Slim Fit- Elastic waistband

  1. Brandon

    I love fpinsoles and I wanted to try out a pair of pants and bought them. They are even better then I thought they’d be but the pant doesn’t have much air flow so my legs get hot and sweat a lot.but they’re still great

  2. Myles Timothy

    These pants are extremely comfortable and stretchy so i dont need to worry about my legs being constricted for tricks. These pamts also breathe very well, skating in regular jeans my legs get very hot and sweaty. I even skate with the FP painkiller socks and knee sleeve and in 100 degree weather my shirt is drenched but my pants are for the most part dry. I’m definitely going to buy more soon and I highly recommend them for skating or chilling.

  3. Keith Randt

    They fit perfectly, the strech is awesome, and the foam in the hips is awesome. Overall the best pants I’ve ever had.

  4. Joey

    these pants are sweet! really comfortable and super high quality. you will not be disappointed pants are very stretchy and the fit is nice, similar fit to volcom chinos. 30″ inseam fits a little larger than normal so i have to cuff the bottoms, only complaint.

  5. Lucas Lamb

    Bought these pants cause they were on sale but they turned out to be much better than I ever guessed. I can never find a relaxed fit of jeans for my bigger legs with skate brands so that already was an awesome feature. Then the stretchiness of the material was really impressive too, making these pants a great fit all around!

  6. Lois Ann Marler

    I just got a pair of these for my son, and it’s the only pair of pants he wants to wear now! He says they are super comfortable, very durable, and of course, with the built-in Kingfoam material, it helps with slams! I would definitely purchase again.

  7. Dylan bray

    These pants are awesome! they are super stretchy and comfortable and you can’t even feel the pads in them. You can’t see them at all either so i don’t just have to wear them to skate! Honestly i wish i would have gotten the brown ones just cause i didn’t realize how blue looking the grey is but whatever its all good!

  8. Matthew Schnapp

    Hip protection is out of this world, and very durable. adequate stretch.

  9. Derrick Tacker

    I love these pants they have the best leg feel for a pair of pants cause they hug you’re legs and they actually stretch when you skate and when your not skating. the little pads on the hips help so much when you fall cause the take so much impact and it barely hurts when you fall on your hips I will definitely be buying more of these in the future I give these pants a 10/10

  10. R.J.

    These are seriously the best pants ive ever skated! The padding is awesome not only for protection, but for confidence too! Super comfy, super stretchy, and bailing is not a problem for your legs when you combine these with a pair of painkillers! So much easier to commit to my tricks thanks to FPs products!!

  11. Caleb

    I ordered a size 30 and they gave me size 28 with a size 30 tag on it. shipping takes awile and they dont give you a tracking number other than that they are awesome.

  12. Lars Woolard

    Really high quality, soft, very stretchy material. I wear these so much to school, work, and skating. The comfort level is entirely different than anything I’ve worn before, basically, they’re ridiculously comfortable. Only problem is that they don’t show you the length as well on the website, so I found myself buying almost blindly as to what size I should get, but overall these pants are perfect for everything imaginable. BUY THEM!

  13. Nathan

    These pants are amazing! Right out of the box I loved the color of the Browns one I bought, I put them on and they fit great. After skating in them I can confidently say these pants are my favorite pants and I will be purchasing all of the other colors. They’re super comfortable, the price point which FP has them is a great value and the build quality is excellent. I cannot recommend these enough.

  14. Gaven

    These and the Levi’s 511 are my favorite pants so far. What I would like to see happen with these pants are choices for longer lengths for smaller waists. In addition of 29″ 30″ a 29″ 32″ be available so I don’t have to sag a little. Although, my waist/length isn’t super common so I understand why that’s not an option. Other than that, top notch, definitely recommend

  15. DedBerdLB

    These are the most sleek, most comfortable, most stretch-tastic, most gnarly pair of chinos on the damn market!! There are even hip pads concealed in the sides. Even the lining of the pockets is super awesome and super high quality!!! Obviously, these are an amazing pair of pants that skaters to civies alike can enjoy!!

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